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Newton solutions are world class yet affordable and meet customer’s changing needs as they grow their enterprise.
Live Your Enterprise Potential™

Newton ERP

Newton – ERP Software, the flagship product from Nippon Data, can manage information management needs of enterprises operating in ...
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Newton CRM

Newton CRM Software is a unique, state of the art for businesses to manage and automate various crucial Business Intelligence...
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Newton SCM

Newton SCM Solutions (Supply chain management), is the combination of art and science that goes into improving the way....
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Nippon Data

Nippon Data has invested several thousands of man years of effort in bringing ‘NEWTON ENTERPRISE SUITE’ set of business solutions to life. These industry specific ‘NEWTON SOLUTIONS’ help clients afford Enterprise Resource Planning that can be implemented faster than any other solution and facilitates the lowest cost of Total Ownership

  • Our mission is to use technology and partner with our customers to deliver business solutions to their satisfaction and assist them in realizing their full potential.
  • Our vision is to provide our clients competitive business advantage using cutting edge technology for the solutions we offer.
  • We partner with our customers to deliver business solutions to their satisfaction and help them ‘Live Your Enterprise Potential™’.

Affordable Enterprise-Quality IT Support to Drive Your Business Forward. 

Why Choose Nippon

Parameterization ensures that applications fulfil the business need as per the required business process. For specific needs the application can also be customizable.

Having right information at right place at right time. Also provides efficient, reliable and secure data exchange between multiple enterprise applications.

CMMI Level 3 is achieved when an organization successfully completes a SCAMPI A appraisal

Our applications are so user friendly that it hardly requires any training for the end users to use the application.

Addressing the need of the hour, our applications are on mobile platform as business operations are not bounded in four walls.

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