Maximize your business and amplify profit by Newton CRM software

Customer relationship management is the tremendous software solution that splendidly helps you maximize your company’s relationships with the customers and prospects which means if you get CRM right, you’ll get growth on both the top and bottom lines.

Actually, CRM is a set of technologies and tools that are designed to assist organizations to track and leverage every customer interaction to get the most out of revenue opportunities and improve customer loyalty. But CRM products must do much more than just provide the track for customer interactions by going beyond the traditional function of “operational CRM.”

Modern CRM solutions are boon for the business since they boost the efficiency and productivity of sales, marketing, and service people. These splendid solutions can assist organizations to optimize their operations effectively by automating routine tasks and standardizing the practices. Eventually, CRM must help companies to extract value from their customers to boost operational efficiency.
Following are the top benefits of CRM:
1. CRM offers you customer insight and a real-time information pipeline, which is splendidly helpful for accurate and timely forecasting. This enables you to build and focus on great-profit and sustainable customer relationships.


2. CRM also offers your staff with customer intelligence and it terrifically increases their likelihood of successful transactions.
3. Other CRM benefits are improved customer acquisition, retention, loyalty, and productivity.

CRM has had a checkered history since its advent in the early 2000’s. For years salespeople blocked the path of CRM systems, which harshly restricted their value to the company.
In fact, in its early days, CRM rapidly gained a reputation of an expensive technology with doubtful results and value. But a new crop of CRM providers has successfully avoided the mistakes of their predecessors. These modern vendors have taken a range of steps to make their offerings more reasonably priced, more flexible, lucid and easier to use.

4.A limited cost solution

Simplicity has gained a much higher precedence than supporting every possible bell and whistle. Consequently, if we compare setting up a new manufacturing plant and hiring new sales and customer service representatives CRM need very fewer resources and capital. CRM is a technology that can nowadays be implemented quickly with relatively limited costs.

There are many other benefits that come from associating business intelligence (BI) and analytics capabilities within CRM. It is a tremendous approach and these world-class CRM systems fabricate data warehousing straight into the analytic process by giving analytics capabilities associated with the application that work with “live” transactional data.


3 Managers can foresee changes quickly-

The ability to execute historical and comparative trend analysis and match this result to existing information allows sales managers to foresee changes quickly. This ability is delivered in a near real-time dashboard that shows key analytical data. There are performance indicators that can be customized to feed an individual sales manager’s needs.
For instance, a manager can successfully view current and historical results of his accounts. He can effectively overlay that with reports by sales rep, industry, geography, and other relevant data.

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