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Social Media has definitely made its mark on our society. The way people communicate has changed, gone are the days of Office meetings, waiting for appointments, leisurely conversations on café’s or seminar halls. This type of small talk and casual business meetings has been replaced with Facebook Conversations and Tweets, more professional if we consider then let it be LinkedIn too. Particularly in the world of business; Social media has affected communication, and in many cases improved it. With the integration of social media, things like marketing, advertising, branding, research and development, employee communication, recruitment, customer service and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) have all benefited from social media.
The best way to capitalized on benefits social media can bring is utilize technology with latest social media trends and strategies. For example, choosing a CRM solution with social media trends and strategies will provide your sales and marketing teams with the opportunity to truly get to know and understand their customers. Social media has become one of the most influential thing to research and review products and services. When your CRM system is set up to collect information from social media – your sales, R&D, marketing and branding. Also the customer service team can work on to create products to meet the customer needs, to solve problems, troubleshoot and gather insights to ensure you are developing the best possible products for your clients to take your business into the future.
The opportunity to get to know your customers is another benefit of social media integration within your CRM solution. Having the ability to research prospects and customers on their social media pages can give your teams an edge when cold calling and help to reduce some of the awkwardness of those first time interactions.
Nippon Data Systems is the major distributor and service provider of the CRM solutions in India.
Our Newton CRM is a unique, state of the art for businesses to manage and automate various crucial business functions. Vision of the solution is to automate all non-financial and financial needs of business which are obstacles in growth and consume extraordinary resources. It has been built on a vision to automate various sales and sales related administrative functions of any business through a single window platform
As evident from the name NEWTON, the invention is assisting large number of businesses in managing their day to day issues in most efficient way. Newton domain specific solutions add value to organizations business in their own language, guaranteeing quick implementation – in most cases lasting a few weeks, thus ensuring High ROI.
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