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NEWTON CRM is a unique, state of the art for businesses to manage and automate various crucial business functions. Vision of the solution is to automate all non-financial and financial needs of business which are obstacles in growth and consume extraordinary resources. It has been built on a vision to automate various sales and sales related administrative functions of any business through a single window platform As evident from the name NEWTON, the invention is assisting large number of businesses in managing their day to day issues in most efficient way. Newton domain specific solutions add value to organizations business in their own language, guaranteeing quick implementation – in most cases lasting a few weeks, thus ensuring High ROI.

NEWTON CRM for Sales &
Sales Operations
  • Improve sales process to increase your sales revenue
  • Track sales opportunities
  • Forecasting Sales
  • Better understanding of your sales
  • Improve the value of your campaigns
  • Measure the effectiveness of your campaign
  • Contact Management System

Improve sales process to increase your sales revenue

  • Improve sales process to increase your sales revenue
  • Capture sales leads from all sources
  • Track sales opportunities
  • Find leads that require follow up
  • Report on sales revenue forecasts and timing
  • Manage sales teams, territories & funnels
  • Single location for all sales data (prevents loss arising from staff movements)
  • Web based; accessible from anywhere at anytime
  • Better understanding on your sales pipeline and sales outcomes; who is your best player?
  • Set up territories and teams efficiently.
  • Close the loop between Sales and Marketing department
  • Visualize your sales team calendar and workload.
  • Sales Automation
  • Link your website ‘enquiries’ form to Newton CRM using the system leads flow (Lead provider)
  • Real-time updates on your sales pipeline for sales management
  • Unify the data across channels by centralizing them within one system
  • Emails and comments are associated with the right leads and opportunities
  • Assign leads and tasks using Newton CRM task management or business rules system automatically
  • Qualify leads in or out rapidly
  • Use our unique Custom Form technology to quickly, easily and on the fly create scripts and custom fields to streamline the sales process.
  • Improve conversion rate and closing opportunities.
  • Easy customer/partner database separation.

Track sales opportunities

  • Gain and leverage a keen understanding of the customer
  • Add comments about the customers and use for marketing campaigns
  • Develop ownership in your team by improving the customer relationship management experience
  • Better identification on your sales pipeline and their sales stages.
  • Establish sales processes internally and externally and automate them
  • Track all activities and interactions between the sales representatives and the accounts.
  • Follow-up sales activities
  • Shortcuts and saved search are accessible via the dashboard. Data is updated on the fly.
  • Review your pipeline effectively

Forecasting Sales

  • Track efficiently and in real time your sales pipeline as well as forecast dates for a better understanding of your sales funnel.
  • Measure your pipeline value in 2 clicks
  • Fine tune your sales process by easily adjusting forecast dates
  • Increase accuracy of your revenue projections
  • Define a better sales process vs. win/loss by identifying the reasons
  • Easily and quickly data mine your sales data into a format that you can easily understand.
  • Workflow Automation System
  • Automatically create and assign task and/or activities by using the workflow automation. Define your own triggers as well as the resulting actions.
  • Distribute leads within the system to your sales representatives, agents

Better understanding of your sales

  • Measure success on metrics that matter to your business
  • Create a 360% view of the customer
  • View and analyse the key performance indicators of your sales force.
  • View and analyze in 1 click the value of your pipeline via report wizard.
  • Improve and speed-up your decision process
  • Develop define scenario vs. your current methodology
  • Measure your failures and your success
  • Better and deeper insight into your customer relationships – CRM software

Improve the value of your campaigns

  • Enable marketers to get the insight they need
  • Streamline the offer to what the customer requires.
  • Model and predict profitable loyalty and motivations
  • Reassess your marketing campaign vs. results
  • Efficiently manage your campaign effectiveness

Measure the effectiveness of your campaign

  • Conduct elaborate analysis of your marketing email campaigns… and link the results to your Sales CRM contacts
  • Analyze in 1 click your campaigns and their outcomes.
  • Understand your market and what your customer want – report on who clicked a link and which link they clicked
  • Retrieve and compare campaigns
  • Study, data mine and measure the effectiveness of the email content: opens and clicks, opens – unopened, opens over time, clicks, clicks over time, opens by time, opens by email address, clicks by link, clicks by email address, unopened, opt-outs.
  • Close the loop between sales and marketing by exploiting the results from e-Marketing.

Contact Management System

Don’t lose any more time on keeping track of clients. A Contact Management System can keep track of various contacts information in way that optimizes the performance of the sales staff.

Among CRM software solutions, Newton CRM is considered to a leader. It offers both on-premise as well as a hosted solution.

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NEWTON Complaint management

Newton Complaint management function allows user to register and allocate complaints to respective department and their users. It is a CRM software whose Function allows two type of complaint management:

  • Invoice based product complaint
  • Retail complaint management

Both format of complaint management assures proactive actions by concerned departments and alerts management on escalations. System Logs complete lifecycle of any complaint allowing detail analysis on various issues of delays.

Along with these and many more useful functions Newton follows a unique three circle architecture where in all contact and its activities can be managed through single window dashboard. Centralized contact management allows user to drill down till last level on any activities without taking any reports from the system.

Service Management

Businesses selling products and supporting those with services, requires proactive actions on scheduled services. Newton sales manager takes care of those sorts of specific sales thus can alert users for planned services.

Service management module also allows to allocate service requests to respective users, while looking at their pre-scheduled services for better workload balancing. Dashboard analysis of scheduled services can provide on the fly information on status of various services.

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