Whether you are a manufacturer or a wholesaler, if you´re in distribution, you need to continuously improve your volumes and reduce your costs. To sustain growth, you have to have total control on your business and costs. Newton will help you manage your multiple stock and sale points with functionality to enforce controls and business policies at every level. You can monitor movement of your material, credit limits, inventory transfers between different location points, sale returns, claims, transportation expenses, etc. anywhere Our extensive expertise in distribution has helped major organizations world-wide achieve success which otherwise would not have been easy. Today number of our clients are much ahead of their peers on effectiveness and capability of their distribution business. With less money they make more profit. With less resources they achieve more growth and more performance.


Types of Intermediaries

These are the middlemen that ensure smooth and effective distribution of goods over your chosen geographical market. In the reality of the market, all producers rely on the distribution to channel to some extent. Even those who sell directly may rely on at least one of the above intermediary for any purpose.Hence the distribution channel is of paramount importance in our economy.