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Ten Reasons to go for NEWTON


1. Investment protection.

Newton is built using OPEN standards technology. Our commitment to the same ensures that you are always ready to integrate other systems with NEWTON. However, Newton offers end-to-end solution for your industry eliminating need
of any other system and thus ensuring you high Return on investment all the time at present and in future.


2. Affordability

We understand that organization cannot spend exorbitant amount of money implementing ERP systems.Flexible implementation options with Newton and our direct involvement in the implementation make acquisition cost of Newton
very affordable for any size of company with any computing requirement. Seamless integration of the business modules allows progressive implementation in a phased manner to form a powerful and comprehensive management information system.


3. Upgradability

Newton architecture allows you to upgrade underlying technology and application at your will and at your timelines. For application upgradation, we ensure that the process is easier and faster and does not cause any disruption or stress on your resources and people as most applications do.


4. Improved employee productivity

We not just automate your processes. We help you Live your Enterprise Potential. We do this by doing many things like improving the productivity of your people. We provide them information as and when they need it and in way
which is easy to understand. This makes your employees do more and contribute more to your organization objectives with what they have and help improve the productivity of your overall organization as well.


5. Newton Can pay for itself.

With increasing costs of third party licenses, it helps to have a business solution which can be deployed on linux as well end-to-end. Newton provides you this option. This helps you to reduce your cost of running the IT infrastructure drastically. In several cases, Newton has paid for itself by the savings clients get by opting for linux as the Operating systems.