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Nippon Data has cultivated a strong ERP Software practice which is highly skilled in enterprise applications, upgrades, data warehousing, web-enabled solutions, database technology, and design and development tools. As a leading ERP company in India, Nippon Data partners with clients to offer Industry specific Enterprise Business Solutions. Nippon Data expertise ensures that there is minimum stress on your resources and people and you get lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Nippon Data’s team of skilled consultants has worked in some major successful implementations for leading clients world-wide. We bring the experience you need to realize the power of ERP software across your organization.

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Your business is increasingly dependent on the performance and availability of your software applications, especially business-critical packaged applications and custom portals or e-commerce initiatives that sustain employee productivity and drive revenue.

Nippon Data offers proven application management solutions that enable you to optimize application performance by providing unparalleled visibility into every layer of the architecture including Web and application servers, networks, databases and operating systems. We help clients put a application performance management methodology in place which is DETECT, DIAGNOSE and RESOLVE.

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NIPPON Data Application Migration services enable organizations to improve business agility, reduce risk, and control costs by renewing technology platforms. NIPPON migration business solutions take your application to an open systems web-enabled platform and also position you to take full advantage of latest technology. We provide organizations with the ability to utilize their existing information technology investments while leveraging the benefits offered by newer technologies. NIPPON helps customers strategically plan technology changes to support their business plan and execute them using our onsite-offsite-offshore delivery model.

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Be sure that your Microsoft or Linux infrastructure is performing optimally in production; and, those changes can be quickly and easily implemented without negatively affecting the end user.

Maximize performance and availability

Conquer ever-changing business requirements and give a phenomenal business-intelligence . Protect information assets across your Windows environment.

Assure performance and availability

Through automated proactive monitoring and in-depth diagnostics, NDS allows administrators to identify and resolve the root causes of problems quickly, minimizing downtime and maximizing system performance and availability. For senior managers, NDS offers actionable information to help make better business decisions.

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Our heterogeneous database management solutions will help you analyze and diagnose database quality, reliability, availability and performance. Whether you have Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Sybase, MySQL or a combination, Nippon Data delivers award-winning products that simplify and automate database management.

Nippon Data database management solutions contain built-in expertise and in-depth functionality that increase productivity and quality of database application code. Our Business solutions are easy to use and can be used by all levels of developers and DBAs to address the complete lifecycle of your databases. Our core database offerings that increase performance availability include:

Code Quality and Optimization

NDS’s solutions for code quality and optimization, enable you design, develop and test SQL code to optimize the quality and performance of an application before it ever reaches production.

Performance and Availability

NDS’s database management technology accelerates the detection, diagnosis and resolution of business- threatening performance issues before they impact end-users and service levels. Our innovative solutions include monitoring, diagnostics, tuning, space management and high availability.

Change and Configuration

NDS’s change and configuration management solutions preserve your database investment by automating and enforcing business processes for compliance. These solutions offer detailed impact analysis, patch management, version control, audit trail documentation and migration support.

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For solving emerging challenges and business problems, you have to ensure your applications are accessible to your people spread across geography and also all the processes irrespective of where and how they are performed and are integrated. This is possible only if your applications are web-enabled. We are providing the best ERP implementation and CRM implementation in the industry. Nippon Data can help you to deliver new solutions to solve real business problems – without the complexity of coding and without lengthy, costly and complex IT implementations. Nippon along with its partners offers a comprehensive development and deployment platform that enables you to create new business services by leveraging your existing enterprise information systems (host/legacy applications, ERPs, CRMs, SCMs, and databases) in a non-invasive manner. We can transform your systems into modern Web applications.

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IT is the backbone of a business efficiency eco-system and we provide complete solutions to address all aspects of your business, and across the entire chain – from conceptualization, to implementation and actually running the process for you. Our consultants – business technology specialists – bring in-depth functional and technology knowledge to every client engagement. We deliver these solutions with complete project management ownership. Nippon Data deals in application development of ERP and CRM SOftware. These services are backed by a proven distributed delivery model and a host of tools mapping the entire software application development lifecycle.

Our Application Development Offerings are:

Enterprise Solutions: Consulting and full life-cycle implementations primarily in Oracle, Microsoft Technologies and JAVA.

Enterprise Data Solutions: Data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics solutions.

Enterprise Application Integration: integrating diverse systems and data for a holistic view of the enterprise. Business consultants, analytics & business intelligence expertise give our solution an edge.

Application Development and Maintenance: Building custom solutions that enhance operational efficiencies, maintaining and rejuvenating existing systems in the most efficient manner. As an integrated tech and ops company, Nippon Data is also positioned to undertake the running of certain processes, in addition to architecting and implementing the technology solution. These can be structured as either an outsourcing or service provisioning approach.

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In today’s world where IT infrastructure plays a key role in determining the success of your business organization, Nippon Data helps you derive maximum value from your IT investments. We offer our clients the full array of IT lifecycle services

Nippon Data offers complete Professional services to meet every IT infrastructure need with a strong service delivery structure. Our Professional Services for your IT infrastructure include designing, implementing, sustaining and enhancing technology to meet your business goals. Our engineers are geared to meet the latest technology challenges by undergoing training to update skills across various IT tools. This talent transformation ensures that we deliver the best practices for your business through IT. Nippon Professional Services enable enterprises to focus on their core competencies, while lowering the cost of managing their IT infrastructure through improved productivity and operational efficiencies. Our offerings are proven to give you the most

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